Creamy carrot soup with spicy chilli flakes


Once upon a time, I overheard two students talking about carrot soup in a tram. The recipe was quite easy: you have to boil some carrots in water, add a teaspoon of ground ginger, season with salt, than blend and the soup is ready. At that time I thought, I’ve never given the carrot soup a try. I was however afraid, that the overheard recipe won’t meet my taste expectations. I think that this kind of dishes are so popular, especially among the students, because they’re cheap and uncomplicated. My version of creamy carrot soup is a little bit more sophisticated, but it’s definitely worth the effort.


  • 10 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 1 small celeriac
  • 1 parsley root
  • 3 bay leafs
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 1 tsp of ground ginger
  • 1 tbsp of chilli flakes (plus some more for garnish)
  • 2 litres of water

Peel the vegetables and place them in a large pot. Add water, salt and bay leafs. Bring to boil, then cover the pot and let simmer for about an hour. When the veggies are tender, remove parsley root, bay leafs and celeriac (leave carrots and onion). Add ginger, chilli flakes and blend until smooth using the hand blender. Garnish with chilli flakes before garnish. 

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  1. Oh wow, this looks really good. I just love soups man, i like to drink them tugged away in my bed in a cold winter night. haha. thats kind of my personal ideal way to spend the winters. But in summers it will help with sinnus problems. Really clears the throat and all.


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